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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Watch Lollywood Movie Kanebaaz free download

 The pakistani movie

Few days back Galaxy lollywood announced the results of a poll which basically was organised in order to get an idea that who actually people think has the ability of becoming the next Shaan or Moammar Rana of country’s film industry.
Mohib Mirza who is considered as one of the country’s most versatile actors from the new acting lot; got the third highest number of public votes there and here we are now officially announcing that the actor will soon be seen in a Pakistani feature film and all his fans must gear themselves up as something really exciting is coming up to entertain them.
Film that we are talking about is named as Kanebaaz (name looks pretty interesting and street kind of a thing), starring none other than Mohib Mirza, his very talented, beautiful actor wife Amina Sheikh and very well known Faisal Rehman in lead roles. Whereas Rashid Farooqi, Shabbir Jaan and Sajid Shah are also part of the project.
The behind camera team of the film is also something really grand as famous writer/actor Syed Muhammad Ahmed has penned the film story while Ali Sade and Adeel Farhan are holding the positions of director and producer of the film respectively. Ali Sade has got some TV work such as Fabulous four and Don’t Jealous to his credits while producer Farhan heads a Lahore based production house “MCONTENT PVT. LTD”, and has also been part of TV dramas like Badtameez and Don’t jealous in past.
Movie will basically revolve around the character of a street-side gambler named Siddiq (Mohib Mirza) who is basically a mechanic by profession. He is a sharp card player and all his extra ordinary skills in the game makes him a prominent figure of street-side gambling and eventually he gets approached by the gambling lord ‘Bawan Shah’ (Faisal Rehman). Bawan initially tests his skills a bit more and then after realizing his money making abilities; gives him a special position in his gang. Furthermore movie unfolds the human angle to Siddiq’s life as a gangster and a genuinely good hearted individual.
The story looks really fresh & good and hopefully Mohib who became the first Pakistani to earn the Kent Film Festival’s award for best supporting actor for his last film InshaAllah, will again bring that unique acting magic of his in this movie too. Besides him, it would be interesting to see Faisal Rehman and Rashid Farooqi back on the big screen after a long time while some really great hopes are attached with the work of Amina Sheih and very seasoned Shabbir Jaan.
Movie is currently in its post production stage and thus we can expect it to hit the countrywide cinemas very soon.
Below we are attaching some of the on set pictures of the film showing Faisal Rehman, Mohib and Shabbir Jaan involved in the project with rest of the team members.
Faisal is given a very right look of an underworld don through his Chevron Moustache and extra long sideburns and his looks are compareable with those of Ajay Devgan in Once upcon a time in Mumbai. Not much work is done on the character of Mohib and he could be seen in simple looks with a medium hair length, dressed in ordinary clothes in the pictures, may be that’s all what his character requires but let’s wait for the end product. Looks of Shabbir Jaan are really something worth praising and will perfectly match with the kind of unique acting style he has. From pictures it seems that his role is of someone like a rich land lord or businessman having connections with underworld and despite having a strong personality, loves enjoying worldly luxuries.

Cast: Mohib Mirza, Aamina Sheikh, Faisal Rehman, Rashid Farooqi, Shabbir Jaan and Sajid Shah
Producer: Adeel Farhan
Direstor: Ali Sade
Writer: Syed Muhammad Ahmed

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